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Refractory made easy

Even if things get a little heavier.
THERMO Feuerungsbau-Service GmbH is one of the leading companies for high-temperature insulation in Europe with the PLUS in services. We offer the complete package around professional refractory linings. At our own work shop and with our own refractory products we are in the position to complete full scale projects along with the complete range of refractory materials from A to Z. All of our services will be executed reasonably in due time – either worldwide or at our work shop in Duisburg/Germany.

Professionalism with proven technology and innovative solution

Professional refractory linings consist not only of experienced teams familiar with the installation of individual components, but also consists of a variety of services. THERMO Feuerungsbau-Service GmbH therefore offers the necessary support for every required component, from planning, materials up to the construction of the finished plant components. Our clients rely on the expert execution of their refractory projects. Beside international experienced experts our services include modern installation techniques and the supply of materials for maximum life time and an optimized price-performance ratio of refractory lining systems. Get our „confidence package“:

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AMS Safety with system

The new Safety Management System „AMS Bau“ has been implemented at THERMO Feuerungsbau-Service GmbH. The certification as per the industrial injuries corporation BG-Bau defines standards for modern and future-oriented construction and manufacturing companies.

We are proud to take up the slogan of the industrial injuries corporation BG Bau:
„Safety is successful“
An optimal level of the HSE system is based on a corresponding safe basic structure of the entire operation.

Simply fast on-site

Everyone knows the problem. It’s an emergency and it has to go fast. No time to wait for material and transport. Therefore we have our own fleet and our own wholesale for refractory products. From 40-ton trucks to low-bed trailers and vans for quick installation. We have the short way and are independent. The material, the mechanic, the fleet and the THERMO team – simply there faster

Calcium silicate boards against mould -

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