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THERMOmixx equipment

Refractory products for industrial use must meet always high requirements. In addition to the performance, refractory materials in industrial furnaces and thermal plant units also are to ensure a constantly high quality. The prime objective of our refractory products is the process reliability and high availability of the plant units. Our refractory products provide an optimal price-performance ratio. Our service is also the professional support for the solid selection of refractory materials for the individual furnace operations.

THERMOmixx equipment is divided into the following main product groups:

  • THERMOmixx-C fireproof Coating
  • THERMOmixx-H fireproof Hardener
  • THERMOmixx-K fireproof Adhesive
  • THERMOmixx-M fireproof mortar
  • THERMOmixx-MK fireproof Mortar putty

refractory adhesive & mortar & coating & hardener

THERMOmixx products
Mortar | Mortar putty | Adhesive | Coating | Hardener
applicationmaterial datasheet
THERMOmixx-C 1500
1500Thin special coating for fibre surfaces to prevent fibre abrasion and increase chemical resistanceDownload
THERMOmixx-H 100
1000High-temperature hardener for the consolidation of fiber surfaces and reduction of the flow behaviour of ceramic fibers | RCF and BIO fibers | AES productsDownload
THERMOmixx-K 1000
1000Ready-to-use inorganic high-temperature assembly adhesive for easy fastening of refractory materials such as calcium silicate boards or fibre products to each other or to the steel shellDownload
THERMOmixx-K 1300
1300Chemically setting 2-component high temperature adhesive | acid putty for the secure attachment of fibre modules and packing strips (RCF, ASW, AES) to expanded metalDownload
THERMOmixx-MK 150
Mortar putty
1500Ready-to-use mortar putty of highest quality and adhesive strength for easy processing of dense bricks and lightweight refractory bricksDownload
CT = classification temperature