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Refractory Linings made easy with Thermo

The basis for the performance of refractory lined equipment is the solid planning of the refractory system, the material selection and also the qualified installation. In order to meet the various number of requirements for refractory linings we offer the complete range of services of the refractory technology in-house. Refractory engineering, material delivery and installation – our experienced staff are at your side professionally. Our construction teams are going to be scheduled for the specific jobs in order to ensure consistently high performance.

One step ahead of the changed time, THERMO covers the complete range of refractory products such as monolithic materials, refractory and insulating brick as well as high-temperature insulation (HTI) for special purposes. As one of the leading construction companies for fibre products, we offer energy-saving lightweight linings as per our client´s individual requirements.

As an AMS certified construction contractors our jobs will be executed on a high level of safety issues and environmental technology. Our work shop operates with high capacity crane systems enabling professional and safe installations. The various number of materials in our warehouse and our own fleet of vehicles provide safely execution of jobs in due time. All these can be arranged on an international basis and in our work shop. The client decides and we will take care of the subject!

Our markets

Here we are strong

THERMO Feuerungsbau-Service GmbH offers a comprehensive range of services and supplies for refractory systems and is active across all sectors for decades. Client`s take advantage of our competence in refractory linings.

Typical industrial plants:

  • Thermal processing plants
  • Thermal combustion plants
  • Regenerative thermal oxidation plants
  • Heat treatment and incinerator plants
  • Combustion chambers and Boilers
  • Thermal industrial plants
  • Heat thermal optimization

Unsere Branchen:

  • Energy & Incineration
  • Iron & Steel
  • Foundries
  • Aluminium & Non-Ferrous
  • Glass & Ceramic
  • Cement & Lime
  • Chemical/Petrochemical

Refractory Engineering

Competent and innovative

A professional refractory engineering forms the basis for almost all thermal processing plant. As a global company with experiences in a wide range of refractory technology the THERMO engineering team develops reliable refractory solutions also in terms of thermal optimization, efficiency and reliability.

From the further development of existing systems to the planning of new designs – tailor-made and customer oriented. We provide the engineering associated with the innovative refractory technology.

  • Material selection
  • Engineering and Design
  • Heat calculations
  • Thermal optimization
  • Qualified quotations
  • Drawings prepared in AutoCAD and Inventor
  • Engineering documentation

Refractory manufacturing

Flexible and adaptable

In addition to the standard shapes the refractory systems often require a variety of customized forms and shapes. Success is often dependent on the design. In addition to the fibre module production, our refractory manufacturing includes production of robust pre-cast elements including temperature controlled heat cycles, CNC-processed refractory components or even the support during plant specific modelling process.

  • Pre-cast elements
  • Finishing of brick shapes
  • CNC-fabricated special parts
  • Cutting
  • Stamping
  • Composites
  • Manufacturing as per client´s requirements
  • Details drawings of refractory parts

Refractory construction

Qualified and reliable

The refractory construction is the basis of economic thermal processing plants. Our most important target is the qualified installation of refractory linings required for the reliable operation of the plant units. Our construction team possessing many years of experiences are available for our customers.

With our refractory supervision, refractory specialists and refractory contractor for new build projects, maintenance and repairs – We always support our customers worldwide. Our construction specialists reduce the risk of avoidable errors. THERMO specialists ensure reduced installation and shut down costs always working on a high quality and environmental standard with high efficient ratio. The result is the high-quality refractory lining prepared for a long term operation – and we also deliver the most suitable material.

  • Installation
  • Supervision
  • New build projects
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Documentation
  • Material supply

Refractory supervision

Experienced and professional

An optimal refractory supervision is mandatory for a successful execution of the construction site. The construction management is the basis for a reliable and continuous work progress at the site. A faultless assembly is equivalent to low warranty risk, reduces follow-up costs and increases customer satisfaction. Cheap can do anyone, experiences take time. We are the reliable partner in refractory constructions since 1970. We take care of your construction site like our own. Please ask us.

Refractory dry-out

Safe and economic

Particularly monolithic refractory linings require the proper dry-out process after completion of the installation. In order to avoid cracks and spalling the water additions during installation are to be gently removed before the actual commissioning of the plant unit. An improper dry-out process may have a lasting negative effect on the expected material properties and in extreme cases this can lead to the destruction of the lining even before the actual commissioning. The water must evaporate slowly by a maximum temperature gradient in the refractory system and sometimes required for chemical reactions at the same time.

We give our customers dry recommendations specially for their system and their materials which ensure safe initial commissioning. We are also prepared to execute the dry-out process at our work shop for client´s preferring prepared furnace systems for the immediate commissioning.

  • Dry-out
  • Tempering
  • Dry-out curves
  • Heating-up schedules

Refractory trading

Safety due to approved quality

Rapid reaction times in case of malfunctions and plant shutdowns are always mandatory for the manufacturing industry. However, short term supplies of quality products also increase the competitiveness for new build projects.

At 12,000 sqm of company premises with work shops, material warehouse and storage yard THERMO offers the basis for tailored to suit a market need planning. As a company with own installation teams we know the materials for the best practice in business. Regardless of the manufacturer we supply refractory materials as per client´s requirements.

With THERMO the customers can be felt safe in terms of quality and price-performance ratio – refractories is a matter of trust.

Refractory materials:

  • Refractory and insulating castables
  • Refractory and insulating fire bricks
  • Ceramic fibre materials
  • Bio soluble fibres
  • Insulating boards / Block insulation
  • Mortar / Glue / Coating / Hardener
  • Heat resistant metallic anchors
  • Cut / Finished / Stamp materials

Refractory logistics

Experienced and fast

And if it is to be particularly fast, our customers have our fleet at their disposal. From vans to trailer trucks and heavy trucks. We are quickly there when it „burns“ and take over the entire logistics with delivery in due time.

In case you do not have the necessary space, no problem. We can store the components and materials at our company premises.