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High grade insulating monolithics

THERMOcast-LD materials forms a solid basis for insulating monolithics. THERMOcast-LD materials are low density products (LD) with a wide range of application as hot face and back-up layers. The materials are designed for low thermal heat transmission and often used for energy saving purposes.

  • Insulating castable – THERMOcast-LD and THERMOcast-ISOl
  • Insulating gunning mixes – THERMOgun-LD

The products are available on a wide range of raw material basis providing flexibility during operation along with a high safety and long term lasting.

Advantages of insulating castables

What are the advantages of THERMO insulating castables for industrial furnaces and Thermal plant units:

  • Free form design
  • Wide range of different materials
  • High chemical resistance
  • Porous material matrix
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Good heat storage

Insulating castable – fast track selection

The following schedule presents a guidance of some THERMOcast-LD materials. In case of using our table the pre-selection from the large area can be arranged easily. In the download section you will find the specific material datasheets (MDS) of our products. Other materials are available on request. We are pleased to respond your message!

refractory lightweight castables

THERMOcast-LD / Isol
C = cast / G = gun
chemistry (%)
chemistry (%)
chemistry (%)
material datasheet
THERMOcast-Isol 106 C/G10600,510,1630,016,59,0Download
THERMOcast-LD 110S C/G11001,040,2724,515,09,0Download
THERMOcast-LD 13013001,4250,5040,013,05,5Download
THERMOcast-LD 135S C/G13501,3140,4840,011,53,0Download
THERMOcast-LD 14014000,640,2049,0130,9Download
THERMOcast-LD 18018001,6100,80963,00,1Download
CT = classification temperature | RD = raw density | CCS = cold crushing strength 110°C | TC = thermal conductivity